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Pasargad Heritage Foundation (PHF)

An International Organization for Protection of Iranian Cultural Heritage

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Happy New Year

 Iranian New Solar Year of 1390

Was named as “The Year of Cultural Rationality”

By Pasargad Heritage Foundation


Pasargad Heritage Foundation


The Nowrooz Award

On March 21, 2011

For their vision and efforts to preserve the national, cultural, historical, and natural heritage of Iranians that also belongs to all humanity

Cyrus Alai

The personality of the year 1389, in the field of “Cultural and Historical Heritage

Bijan Darreh-shuri

The personality of the year 1389, for preservation of environment and natural heritage

Farzad Arian

The best photographer of cultural and

Kamjan Basin, NGO

The best NGO of the year 1389 is The NGO that revitalized the Kamjan Basin



Happy Azargaan


This is a declaration belonging to 2500 years ago

that even today can inspire those who

believe in humanity and human rights

The posters are in:

 Persian, English, Germany, French, and Swedish.


A letter from Pasargad Heritage Foundation

to Mr. Andrew Murray Burnham

The British Secretary of State for Culture

As a part of Commemorating

Cyrus the Great Day


Der Brief von PHF

An Herrn Andrew Murray Burnham

Der Kulturminister Großbritanniens

Zum Gedenken an den

Tag des Kyros, des Großen


Asking for help from the people of the world

 to save Pasargad



By:Cyrus Kar

Researcher, producer and director of "In Search of Cyrus the Great"



Retort to the Daily Telegraph’s article against Cyrus the Great

By: Professor Kaveh Farokh



Request for Intervention of UNESCO for Saving Hormoz-Ardeshir

           Site of Iranian Ancient Historical and Cultural Heritage


Proposing to recognize October 29th as the International Day of Cyrus the Great, in The Iranian Cultural & Natural Heritage Year


Indictment of Mr. Esfandiar Rahim-Mosha'i, head of Islamic Republic of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization, for Crimes against Humanity



Letter to UNESCO, applying for the inclusion of

“Yalda”into the Registrar of the World Heritage Organization


Happy yalda

"Pasargad Heritage"

The Painting Exhibition by Mohammad Salehizadeh


Open Letter to Konia Molana Festival


A Proposal for Reforming UNESCO's Membership


UNESCO must become more proactive in its responsibilities and more sensitive to the wants of peoples rather than the governments »»


October 29, the “Cyrus the Great Day”

And the anniversary of his issuing the first declaration

of human rights >>>







Pasargad Heritage Foundation(PHF)



Considering that the scientific experiences and studies confirm that the historical and cultural achievements of a nation are the main source of their self-confidence and spiritual pride,

Considering that such treasures do not only belong to a particular nation and a land but are also recognized as undeniable parts of human civilization,

Considering that the Iranian historical treasures are in very drastic conditions due to the malicious actions of relevant authorizes in Iran and we are witnessing, on a daily basis, how these authorities are ignoring the threats against them and at the same time, are intentionally destroying them,

Considering that we are certainly able to expose the atrocities that are taking place against the history and culture of Iranians to the attention of the culture-appreciating and caring people of the world,

Considering that spreading the documented news of these hidden destructive agenda is within our capabilities,

Considering the fact that we can organize unbiased investigations that could open a fresh window to the history and culture of Iran,

Considering our capability to act as a whistle-blower that informs the rest of the world about this unfortunate and ongoing saga,

A new cultural foundation has legally been created and registered under the name, Pasargad Heritage Foundation (PHF). This foundation has been created as homage to Cyrus the Great, the author of the first human rights declaration in the history of mankind.

PHF is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization managed and run by unpaid volunteers from all over the world. They are only motivated by their love of the Iranian cultural treasures and their belief in the necessity of their preservation.

As members of FHP’s Board of Trustees, we would like to announce the commencement of this international organization’s activities, with a solemn promise to utilize all of our capabilities to guard and preserve the cultural and historical treasures of Iranian people that undoubtedly are considered as parts of mankind’s heritage.

The first general meeting of the Board to select the officers of the Foundation will take place in September 2007 and its various committees and departments will be able to welcome their new members and supporters from then on.

If you too believe in the importance of Iranian heritage and their role in enhancement of cultural developments and the civilized inter-connection of human societies, please do not hesitate to contact us and become a colleague of ours in this honorable endeavor. The doors of this Foundation are and will be always wide open to welcome you.


Pasargad Heritage Foundation

August 2007